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Nelson Agholor stops play, calls for medical attention to DaVante Parker after Patriots teammate suffers concussion

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Nelson Agholor earned points as potential teammate of the year during the Patriots’ “Monday Night Football” game vs. the Cardinals.

The veteran receiver was seen signaling officials late in the first quarter, attempting to stop play after it appeared teammate DaVante Parker was concussed. Play was ultimately stopped after Arizona challenged whether Parker completed a 10-yard catch to the 17-yard line.

Here’s video of Parker, who was visibly concussed, eventually being off the field. Agholor could also be seen in distress as he tried to grab officials’ attention:

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Parker ultimately was deemed questionable to return with a head injury.

The play ultimately was upheld, but the bigger story is that the challenge allowed Parker to get off the field. Normally it would be the job of an ATC spotter, whose primary job is to notice players exhibiting concussion-like symptoms and remove them from play.

Concussions have become a greater point of emphasis this year after Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa appeared to suffer one in Week 3 vs. the Bills and again in Week 4 vs. the Bengals. Though the Dolphins were found to follow NFL concussion protocol, Tagovailoa’s injury prompted the NFL to add ataxia to the list of “no-go” symptoms that warrant immediate removal from a game.

Ataxia “describes poor muscle control that causes clumsy voluntary movements. It may cause difficulty with walking and balance, hand coordination, speech and swallowing, and eye movements.” Such symptoms can often be seen as a result of head trauma.

Either way, kudos to Agholor for ensuring his teammate was properly taken care of on the field.


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