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NBA City Edition jerseys 2022-23: Best and worst of new uniforms, including Celtics, Lakers and Mavericks

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Starting this week, several NBA teams will debut their 2022-23 City Edition uniforms, giving players a chance to show off sharp new threads.

Of course, not all of these jerseys can be winners. A few teams should have gone back to the drawing board before they finalized their designs.

With official uniform reveals now hitting social media, here are the best and worst of this year’s City Edition looks.

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Best NBA City Edition jerseys


This uniform set isn’t a surprise, as the Celtics already wore these jerseys earlier this season. The cursive font really pops off the dark green, and the 11 gold diamonds on the side panel honoring Bill Russell’s legacy are a nice touch.


“The Peach State,” indeed. Atlanta’s fresh take on its Peachtree uniforms is beautiful in its simplicity. That multi-color gradient? Perfection.


We’re feeling the “Retroplex” vibes in Dallas. The Mavericks brought back their classic colors and displayed the city name in a font straight out of a 1970s sitcom. Groovy, man.


More fiesta colors, please! Inspired by the 1996 NBA All-Star Game, which was held in San Antonio, these Spurs jerseys break the team out of its black-and-silver mundanity.


The Wizards didn’t play it safe with their cherry blossom-inspired uniforms, choosing bright pink as the base color. But you know what? The risky move paid off. Gorgeous.

Worst NBA City Edition jerseys

Clippers and Lakers

We’re lumping the Los Angeles teams together because they have the same problems. The Clippers and Lakers discussed the LA fonts and logos, then just… ended their calls, apparently.


Stop doing the ransom note thing! Commit to one style! Adam Silver should force the Heat to stick with the Miami Vice uniforms.


This is the jersey someone wears when that person is arguing about the value of screen assists. Boring.


Thunder fans have watched plenty of cool players throughout the franchise’s history, but have they ever seen a cool uniform set? This one certainly doesn’t stand out from the crowd.


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