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Most goals Brazil scored in a World Cup game: Complete list of biggest wins by Selecao

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Brazil are not only the most successful team in World Cup history with five titles, but they have also played some of the most stunning and beautiful football the world has ever seen.

With their striking yellow kits, they dazzled the world when winning back-to-back World Cups in 1958 and 1962 with the legendary Pele and Garrincha putting on displays of football wizardry, and in the decades since the likes of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Zico and Romario have made people fall in love with football thanks to their talent and skill with the ball at their feet.

The Brazilian team over the years have been involved in games deemed the ‘greatest’ in World Cup history, and their team that won the 1970 World Cup is deemed to be one of the best World Cup winning team in history.

The term ‘jogo bonito’ (the beautiful game in Portuguese) was believed to be coined by Pele himself, and has been used to describe many Brazilian teams and the play style of many of their legendary players.

Their quality means they have also recorded some high scores and big wins in World Cup matches, but which are their biggest?

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Most goals Brazil scored in a World Cup game

Brazil have scored a staggering 231 goals at the World Cup overall, with the number being so high because they are the only country to have played in every single tournament since the beginning in 1930.

The most goals they have ever scored in a World Cup game came back in 1950 in the World Cup they hosted, when they defeated Sweden 7-1 in their second round match. Legendary striker Ademir scored four goals, whilst strike partner Chicho got a double.

List of Brazil games with most goals scored

Score Opponent Year Goalscorers
7-1 Sweden 1950 Ademir (4), Chicho (2), Maneca
6-1 Spain 1950 Ademir (2), Chicho. (2), Jair, Zizinho
6-5 Poland 1938 Leonidas (3), Peracio (2), Romeu
5-0 Mexico 1954 Pinga (2), Baltazar, Didi, Julinho
5-2 Sweden 1958 Pele (2), Vava (2), Zagallo
5-2 France 1958 Pele (3), Vava, Didi
5-2 Costa Rica 2002 Ronaldo (2), Edmílson, Rivaldo, Júnior

Biggest Brazil win in World Cup history

Brazil have won eight games at the World Cup by four goals or more, though their last win by this margin occurred in 2002 when they defeated China 4-0 in the group stages.

Many of their largest wins came in earlier editions of the World Cup, particularly at their home World Cup in 1950.

This is where their largest win in the World Cup happened, when they obliterated Sweden 7-1 in front of a staggering 138,000 people at the Maracana Stadium in Rio. They were 3-0 ahead at halftime, and only conceded a goal to a penalty when Brazil already had five goals to their name.

The World Cup would not end in victory though, as they infamously lost to Uruguay in a game that shocked the country and the world.

List of Brazil biggest World Cup victories

Score Opponent Year Goalscorers Margin
7-1 Sweden 1950 Ademir (4), Chicho (2), Maneca Six
6-1 Spain 1950 Ademir (2), Chicho. (2), Jair, Zizinho Five
5-0 Mexico 1954 Pinga (2), Baltazar, Didi, Julinho Five
4-0 Bolivia 1930 Moderato (2), Preguinho (2) Four
4-0 Mexico 1950 Ademir (2), Jair, Baltazar Four
4-0 New Zealand 1982 Zico (2), Falcão, Serginho Four
4-0 Poland 1986 Sócrates, Josimar, Edinho, Careca Four
4-0 China 2002 Roberto Carlos, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo Four


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