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Most expensive sand ever? Bidders nearing six figures for jar of sand from Tom Brady’s retirement video

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Someone is about to strike it rich off sand. Yes, sand.

A seller on eBay listed a jar of sand from the spot where Tom Brady filmed his retirement video and put it in an 8 ounce mason jar. The top bid for that jar of sand? $99,900. Yes, almost six figures.

“Bid for 1 of 2 samples taken from Tom Brady’s exact retirement spot on February 1st 2023. Only 2 samples taken on the day of retirement just hours after his video was posted online. Proof in photos. You will be receiving an 8oz mason jar bottled with the exact sand the GOAT Tom Brady made his retirement video on,” the description read.

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The seller tried to frame it in such a way that has distinguished it from other jars of sand currently listed on eBay. The description explains that “no one else” sampled the sand upon which Brady filmed the video on Feb. 1.

“You will be owning the very land the GOAT retired on,” the description read.

The sand was originally listed at $677 to honor the number of total regular-season touchdowns he had in his career (649 passing and 28 rushing). It has since received 124 bids, and will remain at auction until Feb. 12 at 2:43 p.m. ET.

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Brady posted the retirement video on the morning of Feb. 1, but there is no guarantee he filmed the video that morning. And with the wind, it’s possible that jar of sand contains only sand Brady stood near when he made his retirement video.

There are several other listings of bottled sand from his retirement video on eBay as well, with several going for more four or five figures as people rush to be the proud owners of a jar of sand. 

The afternoon of Brady’s retirement video, Betr Carol made a video where she said she was sad last year when Brady announced his initial retirement, only to be frustrated throughout the 2022 season as she lost money placing bets on the future Hall of Fame quarterback. She then said she was going to make all that money back by selling the sand.

“Every dollar that I bet on you this season that I lost, I will be making back because I’m going to sell the sand that you sat on as you retired. So thank you, Tom Brady,” she said.

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Last year, someone bid $518,000 for the football of what was believed to be Brady’s final touchdown pass in the NFL. The transaction was voided when Brady decided to make a comeback. Whoever wins the auction better hope he stays retired this time. Because if not, they’ll be stuck looking like Jack Sparrow holding a jar of dirt.


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