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Mic’d up Travis, Jason Kelce shared brotherly moment after Chiefs’ Super Bowl win: ‘I love you, big guy’

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Much has been made about what the Kelce brothers said (or didn’t say) in the aftermath of Super Bowl 57, a 38-35 Chiefs victory over the Eagles.

Younger brother Travis Kelce said he was emotional when he spoke with older brother Jason, saying there wasn’t much he could tell him other than he loved him.

“There’s nothing you can really say to a loved one in any situation like that,” the Chiefs tight end told reporters after the game. “There’s nothing I could really say to him other than I love him and he played a hell of a year, a hell of a season.”

Eagles center Jason Kelce had a similar recollection of the on-field meeting with his younger brother, though he reportedly added a blunt message: “F— you, congratulations.”

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Video released by the NFL on Tuesday added some clarity to what the two said to each other after the game. Turns out, both Kelce brothers were fairly truthful in their recollections: Travis Kelce was clearly emotional after beating his older brother, who while congratulatory was understandably not enthused with the Eagles’ loss.

“Way to go,” Jason Kelce said. “Congratulations. Go celebrate.”

Responded Travis Kelce: “I don’t know what to tell you, big guy. I love you. Funnest year of my life. I love you, big guy.”

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It’s uncertain whether the video captured the entirety of the Kelces’ interaction after the game, so it’s possible Jason Kelce still found some time to drop an F-bomb to his younger brother.

Even if he had, it wouldn’t have taken away from a heartwarming moment between the All-Pro players. After all, what brothers haven’t cussed at their sibling before — especially with a Super Bowl on the line?


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