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‘Legend bloke’: AJ Brimson pays tribute to Liam Hampson

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AJ Brimson has paid tribute to Liam Hampson while also sharing details on how the rugby league community has honoured his late friend who tragically lost his life. 

“I was actually really impressed with the amount of players I have never even spoken to, who reached out just to let us know they are thinking of the family and all that,” Brimson said, when addressing the media for the first time since the incident.

The Gold Coast star particularly praised the Australian team’s tribute during their World Cup pool match that was played after the news had been broken of his death in Barcelona. 

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“The night we flew back was when they did the minute silence and the arm bands for the Australia vs Scotland game,” he said.

“We went straight to Liam’s family’s house, and they all watched it. They were super stoked as footy fans to see the Australian World Cup team dedicate the game to Liam.”

Brimson is planning on providing his own mark of respect by getting a tattoo to commemorate Hampson’s life.

“I was already thinking about this, and I don’t want to be corny and make like a statement, but I want to dedicate my season and career to Liam,” he said.

“I need to get some sort of a tattoo that can’t be under my jersey or shorts, so I can point to it if I score a try or something. I’ll definitely be playing for Liam.”

Brimson detailed how he had known Hampson since their school days together where he was viewed as the “golden child at Keebra Park” and had remained close in the ensuing years.   

“He was stingy as and never showered,” Brimson joked.

“No, he was a good bloke. We lived together for four years and went to school together from Year 9 to Year 12…He was always the best player at school.

“A legend bloke. A good footy player. I think he was on the verge of cracking NRL pre-season up there at Redcliffe. He was actually unlucky not to get a crack here after his pre-season at Tweed in 2021.

“But just happy as and lived life to the fullest. Never stressing about anything.”

Brimson revealed that those who had travelled to Europe with Hampson had been keeping in contact with each other, as they continued to deal with the aftermath of the tragedy.

“We have been hanging out with Liam’s family a lot and obviously they are struggling a bit, but they are getting better,” he said.


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