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Kenny Smith hilariously shoves Shaquille O’Neal into Christmas tree during TNT’s coverage of Lakers vs. Cavs

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The “Inside the NBA” crew is feeling festive during the holiday season, but no one is more festive right now than Shaquille O’Neal after the Hall of Famer became one with a Christmas tree during Tuesday night’s broadcast.

Kenny Smith chased O’Neal down and shoved him into the set’s huge Christmas tree in a hilarious moment during halftime of Lakers vs. Cavaliers.

All that was left visible to the camera was two large shoes dangling out from the tree. Getting Shaq out from under the tree was a team effort, with co-hosts Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley coming over to help him up. 

O’Neal fittingly landed next to a massive red bag that says ‘Shaq-A-Claus.’ 

Fortunately, the tree survived the collision. Smith might’ve found himself on the hook for the bill if TNT had to go out and find another one. 

The crew couldn’t stop laughing once Shaq was back on his feet, but the Hall of Fame center spent the next few minutes picking pine needles off his suit. 

Shaq seemed to enjoy getting bodied into the tree a little too much, going back for seconds later on in TNT’s coverage. 

We’re still a few weeks away from Christmas, so O’Neal has plenty of time if he wants to exact some revenge and send Smith into the tree. 


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