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Josh Green has ‘superstar’ talent, says Mavericks coach Jason Kidd: ‘He’s gonna make a lot of money’

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It is often said that hard work pays off. For Mavericks guard Josh Green, the saying could soon hold true in a very literal sense.

In his third NBA season with Dallas, Green is beginning to star in his role, and many have taken notice. Among those to rave about Green’s game is Dallas head coach Jason Kidd, who is already advocating for the Aussie to earn a big payday.

“The truth is the kid is really good and if he continues to keep working, he’s gonna make a lot of money,” Kidd recently told reporters after a Mavericks game.

Kidd then doubled down, saying, “Josh is gonna get paid a lot of money, I’m telling you here today. If he continues to work and help with the team, the kid has all the talents to be a superstar. He just has to play.”

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On one hand, Kidd holds the keys to the final part of the above statement, as his rotations have a direct impact on how much playing time Green ultimately gets. On the other, playing time is earned, and based on Kidd’s declaration, Green has earned everything that he’s gotten up to this point in the season.

“He’s playing great, man,” Kidd said of Green’s performance. “The hard work and the things that we’re feeding him and he’s digesting and he’s taking it to the floor … The more minutes he gets, the better he’s gotten.”

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Kidd even addressed Green’s role: “I know everybody’s into starting but you can only start five (players). In this game, you get paid by playing at the end. That’s the truth.”

Kidd’s words could prove to be prophetic. During last year’s playoffs, he similarly advocated for a big payday for Jalen Brunson, who would ultimately sign a $104 million deal with the Knicks this offseason.

Green may not command as large of a contract, but he is playing his value up at a tremendous rate. As a member of the 2020 NBA Draft class, Green will be eligible to sign a contract extension next offseason. If he and the Mavs are unable to reach an agreement in 2023, Green will become a restricted free agent in 2024.

While the impending financial gain is exciting, Green used his recent breakthrough — and Kidd’s words — as a moment to reflect, thinking back just one season ago to when he was spending a great deal of time in Frisco, Texas with the Texas Legends, the Mavericks’ G League affiliate.

“It means a lot, anything coming from coach means a lot, you know?” Green began. “Especially putting myself into where I was a year ago. I was down in Frisco a year ago, so being able to hear that, it’s awesome.”

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And while Green did acknowledge the parallels between Kidd’s words now and those about Brunson just months ago, he also touched on just how important his relationship with his head coach is, making a point to emphasize Kidd’s stature as a player as well.

“When your head coach is interactive with you and teaching you, especially a Hall of Fame guy … being able to have one-on-one with coach and being able to learn from somebody like that, it means a lot to me.”

Green has picked a great time to break out and show his star potential. If he stays the course, his hard work will pay off in a major way.


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