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J.J. Watt says Vikings fans got it ‘twisted’ in booing him after Jared Allen sack celebration: ‘Tribute, not a slight’

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J.J. Watt isn’t used to being disliked, and it showed in his reaction to being booed Sunday.

Midway through the fourth quarter of Cardinals vs. Vikings in a tight game, Watt logged a third-down sack on Kirk Cousins that got the Cardinals the ball back with a chance to tie. Afterwards, Watt did Jared Allen’s signature sack celebration, much to the chagrin of the Viking faithful.

Watt was met with a chorus of boos for the celebration.

Allen, who was inducted in the Vikings’ Ring of Honor Sunday at halftime in the most Jared Allen way possible, is one of the most recent entrants into Vikings lore. So Watt’s gesture clearly wasn’t appreciated, particularly at a high-leverage part of the game.

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Watt, for his part, didn’t seem to understand what the fuss was about. He said Vikings fans just don’t understand his art after the game was finished.

Someone might want to tell Watt about the sacred art of timing. First-quarter sack in a relatively low-stakes situation? Sure, celebrate away. It’s unlikely the fans in attendance are going to “get it twisted.” But a fourth-quarter third-down sack that gives your team the ball back with a chance to tie? It’s probably time to reach into your own celebration bag if you don’t want to get booed. And if you do get booed, it’s probably best to just wear it.

Allen and Watt are both probably on a crash course to Canton, with Allen further along his journey. Even though Allen may well have appreciated the gesture — especially on a day celebrating him — he may not have appreciated the timing quite so much.

Credit: sportingnews.com

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