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Is the World Cup trophy real gold? FIFA hardware details and whether it’s actually made of the pure solid stuff

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There might not be a more cherished piece of hardware in sports than the World Cup trophy. The gilt apparatus weighs just 6.175 kilograms. But its significance as a symbol of sporting excellence and national pride means that, in many ways, the prize is worth its weight in gold.

The molded object, which depicts two humans hoisting the world on their shoulders, has had a sordid journey to becoming the pre-eminent sporting logo in the world. Still, it’s an image that leaves an indelible mark on those who get the chance to lift it; so much so, that the original version of the trophy (the Jules Rimet Trophy) was stolen in 1983 and has never been recovered.

It doesn’t get much bigger than the World Cup. But the question remains: Just what is that trophy made out of? Is it composed of glimmering golden alloy? Or shimmering stainless steel?

The World Cup trophy has been through a lot over the years. But is that golden disposition it carries an illusion? Or the real thing? The Sporting News details just what materials are used to make it.

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Is the World Cup trophy real gold?

Everything that glitters isn’t gold. The World Cup trophy is, though. Well, sort of.

The World Cup trophy is made up of 18-karat gold, an extremely valuable compound reportedly worth about $42 per gram.

However, the trophy features a hollow interior. So although the hardware is embellished with plenty of gold, it would not, by the strictest of definitions, qualify as real, solid gold.

Conventional wisdom would indicate as much, as the trophy would weigh 60 to 70 kilograms if it were made out of solid gold, a weight that most are simply incapable of lifting, particularly lanky footballers.

As such, the trophy is brandished with about two kilograms of lime-green malachite stone.

That leaves a little more than four kilograms of the iconic structure composed of aureate. And you best believe that trophy is worth obscene amounts of money.

How much is the World Cup trophy worth?

Given the ornate nature of the storied figurine, it’s no surprise that the World Cup trophy is worth an arm and a leg.

According to Tobias Kormind, managing director of online diamond and jewellery retailer 77 Diamonds, the trophy is worth $243,363. That’s certainly not chump change, not by any means.


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