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Is Lane Kiffin going to Auburn? Latest rumors on Ole Miss coach as Tigers reportedly close in

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Is Lane Kiffin on his way out of Oxford?

The outspoken coach, who led the Rebels to the Sugar Bowl last season, has been the subject of rumors since he turned the Ole Miss program around after the disastrous Matt Luke era. Nearly every job that has opened up has traced to Kiffin in some capacity, but since Bryan Harsin was fired it’s impossible to mention the Auburn coaching search without Kiffin’s name coming up.

There are a myriad possible reasons for this. A chance to be back in Alabama? Check. A chance to rebuild a program that has been decimated in recent years? Check. A blank checkbook thanks to the powers of NIL? Checks, checks, and more checks.

Kiffin has used the transfer portal to his advantage at Ole Miss, a skill Auburn is desperately hoping to leverage. If he comes to Auburn, the Tigers will likely become the antithesis to the Alabama team Kiffin came up with: A team built Land of Lost Toys style through the portal whereas Auburn prefers to keep its players homegrown.

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On Monday, a rumor emerged tying Kiffin to Auburn in the most definitive sense we’ve gotten yet. WCBI News’ Jon Sokoloff (WCBI News is a local news station in Northern Mississippi) said despite no official offers, Kiffin intends to leave Auburn after the Egg Bowl on Thanksgiving to take the Auburn job.

Until the Tigers have officially offered a job, nothing is set in stone. But this is certainly a compelling start.

Kiffin tweeted shortly after the rumor circulated in typical “la la la not listening” fashion.

Kiffin, for his part, has been adamant about remaining at Ole Miss. He has repeatedly lauded life in Oxford, but as college football fans know: Talk is cheap. Kiffin hasn’t recommitted to Ole Miss — verbally or otherwise — and until he does the speculation will continue.

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Lane Kiffin Auburn rumors

Monday, Nov. 21

7:37 p.m. — WCBI News sports director Jon Sokoloff reported Lane Kiffin to Auburn is all but a done deal, claiming Kiffin will step down from Ole Miss on Friday.


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