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‘I get a massive kick out of it.’ AFLW and Melbourne star Kate Hore’s excitement about the future of the women’s competition

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Melbourne and AFLW star Kate Hore says she is excited about the growth of the game.

Since its inception back in 2017, the competition has quickly expanded from eight teams to 18 in Season Seven.

Aside from the increase in clubs, statistically the standard of the contest has continued to climb through the six years.

Not to mention on the eve of the current season (S7), the AFLW CBA saw a massive improvement for the players and the competition.

The promising trajectory is what’s exciting about the AFLW and is what Hore is really looking forward to in the future.

Ahead of the Demons Grand Final clash with Brisbane on Sunday, November 27, the Melbourne forward took some time out of her busy schedule to speak with The Sporting News.

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“It’s grown an enormous amount and I think the game of football with female participants all has grown significantly since the AFLW competition came in in 2017,” Hore said.

“The standard of the competition has continued to grow year-on-year … the fitness, the strength of the players, the skill level, the game style, the game plans have evolved immensely.

“We’ve obviously grown a lot in terms of teams, starting with eight and having all 18 involved this year … it’s been a special year.”

Prior to the inaugural 2017 season, young girls and women lacked the drive to persist with football seeing it had little to no end game.

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Hore touched on her own experiences and how she’s glad it’s changed for the next generation coming through.

“I started playing football at five years old as a little Auskicker, running around with the boys until I was 11, until I couldn’t play with the boys anymore and had to take up another sport,” Hore said.

“So I didn’t play footy for a very long time but when the AFLW competition came in, that’s when I got back into football.

“I just think about the young girls who don’t have to go through that process of being told they can’t play a sport they love.

“I think you’ll find because of the pathways for female athletes and footballers now, I find that when our young kids come in as 18-year-olds, they’ve been through the NAB League system and played all the way through.

“They are ready-made footballers when they come into our program and you’ll just see the standard grow and grow as the years go on.”

Moving on to the AFLW Grand Final against Brisbane on Sunday, Hore provided some insight as to how the Demons can amend the grand final loss against Adelaide earlier this year.

“The Lions have had a ripper year, they’re a great side. They’re fit. They’re fierce. Their offensive game is a massive weapon for them,” Hore said.

“I think for us, our contest game has been really good and it’s something we’ve really prided ourselves on for a couple seasons now.

“The level where we’ve gone up this season is just been the way we’ve defended as a team … so I think defence and contest are two things that hold up in finals.

“We’re hoping to bring that on the weekend. And we’ll be doing everything we can to bring that cup home.”

For more details about the AFLW Grand Final between Brisbane and Melbourne, click here.

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