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Empire State Building lights up in Eagles colors after NFC championship game win, angering New Yorkers everywhere

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New Yorkers, this will make you throw up your baconeggandcheese.

There are few city-to-city rivalries that trump the general dislike that New York and Philadelphia sports teams have for one another. In general, the personalities of the two towns are not copacetic (even if they’re more alike than its denizens care to admit).

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That’s why, when pleasantries are exchanged between the two sides, it’s a bit jarring, head-scratching and headache-inducing. Take what happened on Sunday, for example, when the top of the Empire State Building was lit up in Eagles colors to celebrate Philadelphia’s NFC championship game win over the 49ers:

The building’s official account tweeted “Fly Eagles Fly!” an image of the building in green and white.

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For those who think this may be an elaborate troll job from the iconic New York fixture, it’s not: The scheduled lights for Sunday are the colors of the teams that win the AFC and NFC championship games. That means whoever comes out on top in the Chiefs-Bengals AFC championship game will have their colors displayed, as well.

Regardless, the symbolism disgusted many who felt as though it was a betrayal of the highest level from the ESB:

After all, the Empire State Building has to use its green and white lights for something.

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