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Drake Jackson footing $300k rookie dinner bill debunked by 49ers veteran Arik Armstead: ‘It was a prank’

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NFL Twitter was all aflutter Sunday heading into Monday, when a video featuring 49ers rookie Drake Jackson went viral from the 49ers’ rookie dinner.

The bill showed $322,391.05 in charges from the 49ers’ outing, and it was thought Jackson — a second-round pick by the Niners at No. 61 overall — was on the hook for it.

Even more bizarrely, the bill showed a $200,000 gratuity charge for the server and just over $7,600 for the meal with the suggested gratuity.

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If the math doesn’t quite add up. Run it again. A still shot of the bill reveals a number of up-charges, including additional gratuity of $200k. 49ers defensive lineman Arik Armstead, who announced the pick of Jackson at the draft, took to Twitter to debunk the video.

So, there you go. It was still expensive, but the veterans helped out, and Jackson didn’t have to spend all of his rookie earnings on one dinner. All’s fair in San Francisco, and the chemistry seems fine, too.

Those veterans, however, might want to sit Jackson down and explain posting things to social media can have consequences, no matter how silly. All it takes is one errant story for people to wonder if the 49ers veterans are trying to make the rookies go broke.


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