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Chargers’ Joey Bosa responds to heckling Eagles fans with homophobic slur before NFC championship game

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Chargers outside linebacker Joey Bosa isn’t even playing on Sunday but still found himself a target for Eagles fans’ infamous heckling.

Joey Bosa, the older brother of 49ers defensive lineman Nick Bosa, is in Philadelphia to support San Francisco as it attempts to win the NFC championship and a Super Bowl berth. The seventh-year player was sporting 49ers gear outside the stadium when an Eagles fan approached him.

“Bosa,” the Eagles fan repeatedly jeers, “when do the Chargers play?”

The Chargers linebacker responds by calling the person videoing him a homophobic slur, asking whether he’s Snapchatting the video to his friends. The Eagles fan then responds, “No just videoing you — the guy who’s not playing today!”

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Warning: explicit language used.

The Eagles fan clearly struck a nerve with Bosa, whose Chargers were on the wrong end of a 27-0 comeback vs. the Jaguars in the wild-card round. Trevor Lawrence led Jacksonville back from that deficit to win 31-30 and end the Chargers’ season. The fan also asked Bosa how he was handling his $55,546 fine from the NFL for unsportsmanlike conduct in that game.

“They’re good, because I can afford it,” Bosa said. “F—ing b—. You f—ing broke b—.”

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Bosa then heads into the stadium, where he appeared to have made it onto the sidelines of Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field.

Joey Bosa has not commented on the incident. 



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