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Buccaneers and Tom Brady sabotage a drive against the Seahawks with an interception and a tripping penalty on a terrible trick play.

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Tom Brady and the Buccaneers ruined a good drive by the Seahawks with a trick play that might be the worst idea and worst execution of the 2022 NFL season.

The Bucs were in the middle of a promising drive deep into Seattle territory. They were facing first-and-10 at the Seahawks’ 22-yard line. It was the ninth play of the drive, and Tampa Bay had moved 49 yards easily. All of that was ruined by a trick play that was very different from anything else the Bucs did on offence.

This is how the play went: Out of the Wildcat formation, running back Leonard Fournette took the direct snap and looked like he was going to run to the right. But before he got to the line of scrimmage, he threw the ball back to Brady on the other side of the field. The quarterback, who wasn’t known for his receiving skills, slipped and fell to the ground, making it easy for Tariq Woolen to pick him off at the 6-yard line.

Adding insult to injury is the fact Brady was called for tripping, meaning Seattle took over at its 16-yard line instead of being backed up near its own goal line.

As for why the Buccaneers attempted the ill-conceived play, it appears they saw an opening from a similar play earlier in the drive, in which Fournette actually ran the ball 2 yards. Brady was left uncovered on the play because, as he demonstrated, he has no business catching passes.

The Buccaneers lucked out on the Seahawks’ ensuing drive, as Seattle signal-caller Geno Smith fumbled the ball at the Buccaneers’ 13-yard line, negating a scoring opportunity.

So, the only thing the play cost Brady and Co. was a little dignity. That said, perhaps Brady should stick to throwing passes instead of attempting to catch them.


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