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Bengals backflip celebration: Trent Taylor, not Joe Burrow, performs stunt after Cincinnati wins

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Some casual NFL fans may have had a brief moment of panic at the end of the Bengals’ 27-10 win over the Bills in the divisional round of the 2023 NFL playoffs.

Why? Because someone in the backfield performed a backflip after Cincinnati took a final knee to ice the game.

And some people thought it was Joe Burrow.

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Indeed, it could be understood why those only half watching with the game’s result already a foregone conclusion might think that Burrow was the one who performed the feat. Burrow was obscured from view as the flip occurred, as he had just finished taking a knee behind the offensive line, and the all-white jersey helped him better blend into the snow white background.

That said, the player located in the end-zone at the time of the flip was backup receiver Trent Taylor. The veteran was able to pull off the move with ease even as snow fell around him.

Taylor’s backflip was a cool moment for the Bengals, but NFL fans are surely wondering if that was a spur-of-the-moment decision or a celebration that has been happening all year long.

So, here’s what to know about the Bengals’ backflip celebration.

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Why Trent Taylor performs Bengals backflip celebration after wins

Taylor revealed to reporters that the backflip celebration is pre-planned. He breaks it out only after Bengals wins and it tends to only come out when they are in victory formation.

Taylor also explained that he enjoys doing it and appreciates that it has carved out “a cool, extra little place” for him within the fabric of the team.

“Being able to go out there and hit the backflip for the win is always a blast,” Taylor said.

How did Taylor get the idea to do the backflip? It came to him naturally.

“My mom was a big gymnast growing up so I was doing flips just doing that kind of stuff my whole life,” Taylor explained. “So, still got it going.”

Relatively few of the Bengals even knew that Taylor was capable of pulling off a backflip when he first did it. He explained that he kept it on the down-low and it worked out to his advantage.

“They’re all blown away because I didn’t really tell too many people. [It] was just like a couple guys,” Taylor said. “I was like, ‘I’m gonna hit a backflip, watch.’ So yeah, once everybody saw I got brought up in a team meeting.”

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Indeed, Taylor’s backflip is a nice signature to put on victories. He and the Bengals are certainly hoping it rears its head a couple more times during the 2023 NFL playoffs as they prepare to face the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game.


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