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Argentina team bus accident: Two fans jump off overpass to get on, but one missed during World Cup parade

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The celebration in Buenos Aires of Argentina’s 2022 World Cup victory produced some incredible scenes as millions of people flocked to the city to see the Albiceleste players bring the trophy home.

Lionel Messi and many other players rode on an open-top bus through the city, mobbed by a sea of fans in blue and white.

There were many beautiful scenes of fans overwhelmed with emotion: There was a marriage proposal, fans taking over a highway, a group dance in the middle of said highway, plenty of songs, and a homeless man gifted an Argentina jersey by a passerby, among other moments.

Unfortunately, there were also reports of chaos, debauchery, and vandalism, and two fans in particular went overboard, jumping from an overpass onto the top of the bus where the players were seated. But one of them missed the bus and was reportedly seriously injured.

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Man jumps off overpass, misses Argentina bus

One of the most shared videos on social media of the World Cup celebrations in Buenos Aires was video of two men jumping off an overpass onto the Argentina team bus as it made its way under the structure.

One of them made it onto the bus, while the other just miss, striking the side of the vehicle before falling the rest of the way to the pavement.

The incident, according to a report by TyC Sports, was one of a few that ultimately led security officials to cut short the parade and instead take the players by helicopter the rest of the way with estimates of four to five million people descending on downtown Buenos Aires.

Shortly after this video of the jumping fans began circulating on the internet, the team was removed from the celebrations and flown to the Argentina FA headquarters after a short spin around the famous Obelisco, where most people were gathered waiting for the bus.

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Soon after, another video began to surface of a man being carried on a stretcher with a neck brace, still singing along with the rest of the crowd as he was receiving medical attention.

The similar look of the location in the second video, with a packed bridge, road, and grassy bank, caused many to speculate that it was the same individual who jumped off the bridge and fell to the asphalt. But they occurred in different areas of Buenos Aires, according to The Sporting News Argentina-based staffers.

During their live broadcast coverage of the parade, TyC Sports of Argentina reported that the individual who fell to the pavement was a 24-year-old and was in “critical” condition.

No further updates have been provided since, although fellow broadcaster Todo Noticias reported that the individual could not yet be located in any Buenos Aires hospital.


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