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Are Michael Buffer and Bruce Buffer related?

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Two of the most iconic announcers in world sport, Michael and Bruce Buffer have a unique backstory.

Are Michael Buffer and Bruce Buffer related?

Michael and Bruce Buffer are half-brothers.

Oddly, Bruce first learned about his half-brother when he saw him announcing a fight on television. He enquired to his family before discovering their family link.

The pair then met each other for the first time in 1989 as adults.

Bruce learned that his father married young whilst serving in World War 2, having Michael in the process. Michael was then raised by foster parents after the war.

Who is Michael Buffer?

Michael Buffer is an announcer for boxing, wrestling, and American football matches.

The 77-year-old American has been a constant in boxing for decades, announcing fights featuring the likes of Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Floyd Mayweather, and Canelo Alvarez.

He first started using his world-renowned catchphrase ‘Let’s get ready to rumble!’ in 1984, before trademarking it in 1992 – a move that has reportedly netted him hundreds of millions in licensing revenue.

Who is Bruce Buffer?

Bruce Buffer is an American mixed martial arts ring announcer, known primarily for his role as the official octagon announcer for UFC events.

At 64-years-old, he is 13 years younger than his half-brother but has made quite the name for himself regardless.

His catchphrase ‘It’s time!’ is used before the main event at a UFC fight night.


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