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Andy Reid’s funniest food quotes, from cheeseburger infatuation to German bratwursts

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If the Chiefs win Super Bowl 57, the first question to Andy Reid should be what he’s going to eat after the game. 

Reid’s meal of choice during Kansas City’s last championship run was a cheeseburger. When asked what he did to celebrate the Chiefs clinching their first Super Bowl appearance since he was hired, he said, “I had a cheeseburger and went to bed.”

Two weeks later, when the Chiefs beat the 49ers to win Super Bowl 54, Reid told NFL Network he planned to celebrate with “the biggest cheeseburger you’ve ever seen… might be a double.”

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Toward the end of this past season, Reid’s players knew exactly what to give him for Christmas. They put a massive cheeseburger in a box and wrapped it up.

“May you all get a gift as great as this!” an excited Reid shouted.

Reid can’t contain his affinity for cheeseburgers, but he’s never stopped there when it comes to food. When he found out the Chiefs had a game in Germany next season, he told reporters, “I look forward to getting a bratwurst.”

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A year ago, asked whether the Chiefs might be complacent after their Super Bowl win, Reid said, “If you like chocolate cake and you eat a piece, and then you have one dangling in front of your face, you’re probably going to want to eat that too.”

Reid has compared football to prime rib as well — twice.

“I love how the team works together like I love a big piece of prime rib,” Reid told reporters late in the 2021 season.

In 2011, while coaching the Eagles, Reid equated the dynamic between a division title and a Super Bowl with prime rib.

“I like prime rib and I’d love to win a Super Bowl. So I’m hungry for both, if you understand where I’m coming from,” he said.

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Sometimes, football doesn’t even need to be part of the discussion for Reid to break out a food analogy. Asked about his nine grandchildren in 2020, Reid said, “They keep you young. And at the same time they make you feel old. It’s kind of like sweet and sour pork.”

Asked why he spent part of this past offseason in Italy since he doesn’t drink coffee or wine, NBC Sports’ Peter King said Reid’s explanation was, “I like to eat.” No argument there.

Three years earlier, Reid didn’t have quite as wild of an offseason. Asked during training camp whether he did anything “fun or exotic,” Reid said, “I attacked a couple chile rellenos.” 

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Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie once told The Athletic that Reid’s love for food was noticeable during one of their first dinners together. According to Lurie, Reid ordered three steaks in one sitting.

“He asked for three. And it was like normal,” Lurie said.

Reid doesn’t stop at meat. He once met a man in the airport and told him about his six-cheese macaroni and cheese recipe. 

If Reid builds on his legacy with and beats the Eagles for his second Super Bowl win in four years, his food of choice will be the first question on many minds. Does he go back to the cheeseburger, or does two Lombardi Trophies require some prime rib? For all he’s accomplished, why not both? 


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