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A random (or is it?) Eli Manning-Pete Davidson Instagram account has already produced delightful moments

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Social media as a marketing vehicle has brought out a lot of cynicism over the years, but sometimes it can provide some wonderful content.

Eli Manning and Pete Davidson’s new joint Instagram account, ostensibly created to promote … something … seems to be an example of that. The unassuming Manning and the brash Davidson have a bizarrely charming dynamic, which comes through in the way they interact.

Their first post together really sets the tone, with the two of them lying on a bed together in “Davidson’s room.”

Davidson’s room is in quotes because it’s unlikely Davidson is actually decorated to the gills with Giants stuff. At least full-time. It’s all in the bit.

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With that being said, you can’t deny the chemistry between these two.

There’s a goofiness to post-retirement Eli that he’s really leaned into, and that really comes through in these posts. The best one so far might be Manning misunderstanding a question about spooning while playing “this or that.”

Then again, there’s also this:

It’s likely all to market Davidson’s appearance on “The Eli Manning Show,” which is where a lot of this content seems to be coming from.

With that being said, seeing Manning at ease and misunderstanding party games is what social media marketing should be all about. If this joint social media account somehow becomes a recurring thing, then the ends ultimately justify the means.

Credit: sportingnews.com

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