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Marcas Grant’s Week 14 sleepers

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Whenever the Raiders throw it to Not Davante Adams, I always wonder why they didn’t throw it to Davante Adams. But in the interest of keeping opposing defenses honest — and keeping the rest of your teammates involved — Derek Carr targets other people from time to time. More often than not, “other people” means Hollins. He’s second on the team with a 17% target share, which he’s turned into 45 catches, 566 yards and three touchdowns. All three stats pale in comparison to Adams’ prodigious totals, but Hollins is second on the team, nonetheless.

This week, the Raiders visit a directionless Rams team just trying to paddle its way to shore. Los Angeles runs the league’s most zone-heavy defense — a big statement in a league that’s defenses mostly feature zone looks. While Hollins’ catch rate over expectation is lower against zone defenses than against man coverage, he is more of a downfield threat in those situations. Not to mention that when the Rams decide to play man, it’s likely going to be Adams who faces off with Jalen Ramsey. Hollins might only have deep league appeal, but there is at least some appeal.

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