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GMs Howie Roseman, Brett Veach discuss aggressive moves that led to Super Bowl LVII berths

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Early in his tenure, Veach made splash signings and trades, including signing safety Tyrann Mathieu and trading for pass rusher Frank Clark. The 2022 offseason brought K.C. to somewhat of a crossroads. With less salary cap space to finagle big moves, Veach traded star receiver Tyreek Hill to Miami. The swap allowed K.C. to add a deep rookie class that has helped spearhead their third Super Bowl in five seasons.

“It was one of those things when Pat’s on his rookie deal, you’re taking some swings,” Veach said of his aggressive tactics in previous seasons. “Maybe you’re signing a Tyann Mathieu or trading for a Frank Clark, and all of a sudden, you have a lot of good players and a cap situation. When you’re kind of at a crossroads there, you have to be aggressive in another way, and that’s acquiring picks and not being afraid to make moves like (trading Hill). It’s one of those things that you plan, and then when reality hits, it’s harder than you think because there is an emotional aspect to players and legacies and what have you. But credit to the staff and the organization for sticking behind the plan. These guys have done a tremendous job, and we’ve got one more game to go, and we’ll see how it goes.”

Fearlessness in the face of challenging situations has separated Kansas City and Philadelphia from the middle of that bell curve.

“You have to make things happen in this business and this league,” Veach said. “Things aren’t just going to fall into your lap. Good luck is just a product of good preparation and planning. The Eagles have done a good job of adapting and adjusting over the years and maybe having a thought process or a path charted out, but then they have to quickly veer. And you have to be able to do that, whether that be in free agency, signing players, or trading players and having to alter your route. You have to have a plan, stick to it, but take calculated swings.”

Roseman said he could tell early on working with Veach that the future Chiefs GM would bring something special wherever he landed. Both GMs credited their time with Reid for building the foundation that allowed them to be intelligently aggressive with their moves.

“Brett and I shared this relentless, persistent passion,” Roseman said. ” … You knew he had a tremendous future because he had a tremendous feel, not only for talent but how to put it together. He had a great feel for how to talk to players. And obviously, like myself, he learned from coach Reid. I don’t really think about it like being on the other side. And it’s kind of like, using a Philly analogy, like it’s not Rocky and Drago. I feel like these are people who have a lot of common ties, and we’re playing for an opportunity to win a championship. It’s special.”

There might not be Rocky-Drago animosity come Sunday, but only one team will lift the Lombardi Trophy as the confetti falls.

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