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Bills are AFC team to beat; Patrick Mahomes is MVP

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The Jets lost to the Vikings on Sunday, 27-22, but don’t let that lead you to believe White lost his grip on the starting job. After a sparkling season debut in the 31-10 victory over Chicago in Week 12, White came back to Earth with a pair of picks on Sunday. OK, he also kept the Jets in the game with 369 passing yards at a hostile road venue. And then there’s this:

“That boy a dog, for real,” Jets WR Garrett Wilson said about White after the loss. “He was out there, controlling the huddle … never letting the moment get too big. It was cool to see. Looking back on it now, it’s cool to think about. I know that I’d go to war for that boy. He got something special about him.”

In their travels to Minnesota, multiple Jets were spotted wearing “Mike F’in White” T-shirts. This is a thing. The Jets believe in Mike White, which stands in stark contrast to the vibes around Zach Wilson. Prior to his benching, Wilson was lacking as a player (SEE: 4:5 TD-to-INT ratio in seven starts) and a leader (remember his response to the offense scoring three points in the New England loss?). Wilson held the 2022 Jets back.

Now, I’m not making any declarative statements about White beyond this season. For now, though, he’s the energizer bunny, the spark, the antidote to Wilson, who sucked the life out of the team. (You could argue I could’ve cut the previous sentence six words before I did.) With White, these Jets have a real shot to make the playoffs.

Image & Story Credit: nfl.com

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