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Worst roads Australia: Delivery drivers reveal worst roads for traffic congestion

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A national survey of delivery drivers believes it has identified Australia’s worst roads for traffic congestion.

Camden Valley Way Drive, Terrigal Drive, Mosman Road, The Spit Road at Mosman and Main North Road were named the worst in NSW.

In Victoria, it was High Street Road, Stud Road, Springvale Road, Burwood Highway and the West Gate Freeway.

South Road, Marion Road and Cross Road in South Australia also made it on the list.

The survey was done by Sherpa, a technology company that connects businesses with crowdsourced delivery drivers. It surveyed 10,000 of them on all things relating to driving in Australia.

When it comes to the most dangerous roads due to very busy intersections and multiple entry and exit points, Sydney’s M4, Military Road at Mosman and Main North Road were considered among the worst.

More than 40 per cent of the drivers also said the roads they regularly use as professional drivers were in poor condition, especially with pot holes after recent widespread rain.

“The roads in my area, major and minor, are in dire need of repair,” one driver said. “Looking out for potholes and bumps and dips, and watching the speed limit, takes concentration away from proper driving.”

Just over half of the drivers said they were seriously considering switching to an electric or hybrid vehicle or had already made the switch due to soaring petrol costs.

While they had plenty to say about the state of Australia’s roads, the drivers also divulged their pet hates about other drivers.

Distracted drivers, tailgating, driving below the speed limit and not indicating at roundabouts or when overtaking were the actions that irritated them the most.

The Victorian Liberals and Nationals ran a campaign earlier this year to reveal the worst roads in the state.

Thousands voted and in August the Great Alpine Rd, between Bairnsdale in East Gippsland and Wangaratta in the state’s north east, took home the unwanted title of Victoria’s worst road “by a significant margin”.

Respondents cited the poor state of the road’s surface and regular closures due to landslides as reasons why.

Other roads featured in the top 10 included various locations along the Princes Highway and Western Freeway, Melbourne-Lancefield Rd, and Traralgon-Maffra Rd.

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