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World Cup’s ‘hottest fan’ slammed for disrespecting locals by wearing G-string swimsuit in Qatar

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A woman dubbed the “World Cup’s hottest fan” dared to risk breaking Qatar’s modesty laws and is angering locals with her very racy outfits.

Croatian beauty Ivana Knoll donned a plunging red and white checkerboard dress in honour of her country’s coat of arms.

She proved her patriotism in the figure-hugging hooded ensemble as she headed to the Al-Bayat stadium for the game against Morocco.

The 30-year-old supporter snubbed strict warnings to keep outfits conservative despite the soaring temperatures.

Ivana uploaded two snaps to Instagram flaunting her curves and her country’s colours to rally Croatia footie fans ahead of the game.

She even boldly tagged FIFA – who have reiterated Qatar’s strict rules on clothing at the World Cup – in her posts on Wednesday.

Ivana beamed at the camera while posing both inside and outside the stadium while sporting a bold red lip.

She had taken inspiration from Croatia’s kit to create the dramatic look dedicated to her beloved team.

The model and influencer joked in the caption: “We didn’t play the best today, but it’s only a warm-up. Let’s go on Sunday!”

She followed that by posting a video of herself walking along the water front in a G-string swimsuit.

The post sparked a wave of angry responses from locals.

“Respect the country and our religion wtf ????” wrote one.

“Shame on you respect others culture,” added another.

“Please respect other countries religions and customs,” pleaded a third.

Although her clothing may have raised some eyebrows, Ivana didn’t spare a thought for the consequences she could face for daring to bare.

Fans risk being slapped with huge fines or even put behind bars if they flash their figures in Qatar.

Although non-Qatari women don’t need to wear the abaya – the long, black robe – their tops must cover their midriff and shoulders, and skirts, dresses and trousers must cover the knees.

Women travelling in to the Arab nation are also banned from wearing any tight clothing, or flashing any cleavage.

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WAGS were advised to wear a scarf around their necks in a bid to cover up their busts.

But Ivana seems to have found a loophole in the draconian rules – as the revealing outfit she wore inside a stadium still covered her hair, shoulders and legs in compliance.

The former Miss Croatia has so far avoided creating an international incident over her fashion choices with her sneaky strategy.

But she wasn’t scared to criticise Qatar’s World Cup, branding it a “disaster” after her itinerary was left in chaos.

The stunning brunette told her 600,000 Instagram followers the winter tournament has “the worst organisation in history.”

Although Ivana was still able to cheer on her team during Croatia’s opening Group F match, she dubbed the sporting event a “circus”.

Before touching down for the tournament, the superfan shared a sexy picture of herself in a revealing swimsuit alongside the caption: “How I will dress in Qatar.”

This article was originally published by The Sun and reproduced with permission

Story Credit: news.com.au

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