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World Cup ITV host Nadia Nadim mum dead: Tragic twist as star returns

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World Cup TV host Nadia Nadim has spoken bravely for the first time since the tragic loss of her mother.

The Denmark international was forced off air last week after hearing her mum Hamida had been killed in a car accident.

The Sun reports Police in Denmark announced that Hamida was hit from behind by a digger as she was driving home from the gym to watch her daughter.

Southeast Jutland Police claimed the accident happened near her home in the town of Uldum, west of the Danish capital Copenhagen.

Incredibly, just seven days after her loss, Nadia returned to ITV ahead of Netherlands’ game against Qatar.

And host Laura Woods gave her the chance to speak about it.

She said: “My mum unfortunately passed away last Tuesday, very unexpectedly in an accident.

“She was a very strong women, who not only inspired me, but a lot of people around her.

“I’m obviously sad, but she raised us to be strong and we’re showing how to be strong.

“I want to make her proud and I know she wanted me to be here.

“I remember when the accident happened, she had said she was going to go to the gym earlier, so she could see the show, so the reason I’m here is to make her proud.”

Having spoken so bravely so soon after the tragedy, support flooded in on social media for the 34-year-old.

One said: “Inspirational.”

A second tweeted; “I didn’t think Nadia Nadim would continue to do punditry after what happened but it shows how incredibly brave she is. Her mum will be so proud.”

Fellow pundit Alex Scott said: “Love and support to you @nadia_nadim.”

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