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Woman slammed for rudely blocking entertainment screen during flight

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When it comes to rude passengers, the world has seen plenty of them.

From taking up too much of the arm rest, to clipping toenails mid-flight and even squashing feet through the seats – it can be a jungle out there.

But one passenger has divided the internet with this snap, showing a passenger’s “rude” act that resulted in half of her screen getting covered during a flight.

The image, which was posted to Reddit, was captioned with “I guess no entertainment for my wife on this flight …” – attracting a wave of comments about why someone would do such a thing.

“Blows my mind how someone can do that, while realising they have a TV/touchscreen in front of them and not think about the TV that’s on the back of their own seat,” one woman said.

“Uh hell no! That cover would have come off real quick … by me as soon as she put it on,” another added.

Others, however, questioned why the man behind the camera didn’t just ask the passenger to remove the seat cover.

“Really the only infuriating thing here is the poster. Did you ask if she could adjust, try adjusting it yourself, do anything remotely adult? Nope, need those internet points.”

It’s not the first time a passenger has been named and shamed online for being a bit of a pain in the … air.

Earlier this year, a passenger was photographed stretching their feet out so far in front, they poked out under the seat of another passenger, prompting the annoyed woman to share a now viral snap of the act to Reddit.

The woman described the act as “irritating”, saying the person kept doing it repeatedly, even after she hinted that they were in her personal space.

“Mildly frustrating that this kept happening like every 15 minutes throughout the flight,” she wrote online. “I actually started very lightly knocking the person’s feet with mine.

“Like in a very gentle ‘oops, I’m not sure what’s below my feet’ kind of way.

“I did this a few times. Didn’t seem to work.”

The woman’s post attracted more than 2000 comments with many, particularly taller people, defending the passenger’s act.

“I’m a tall person and have most probably done this with my feet,” one person wrote.

“Remember, don’t hate the player – hate the game. I’m almost 6’ and it takes effort to not encroach into other economy passengers’ spaces, thanks to airlines’ cramped seating arrangements,” another added.

The ordeal came just weeks after another passenger endured a similar incident, this time with the person behind stretching their bare feet underneath their seat.

The picture, taken from above, shows the stranger’s “gross” feet in between the woman’s, and back in May, a passenger filmed a fellow passengers bare feet on a person’s armrest.

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