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Woman lashes Melbourne real estate agent’s gesture after husband’s death

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A grieving daughter has blasted a real estate agent over a gesture which she said left her mother more upset in the wake of her husband’s death.

Sharing her story on Reddit, she said her mum had been approached by a real estate agent who was inquiring into whether she would be interested in selling her home.

While her mum declined the offer due to the recent death of her husband, she received a bouquet of flowers from the agent later the same day.

The note read: “I’m sorry to hear about the passing of your husband.”

Although the daughter called it a “nice gesture,” she said it made her feel “really strange” and left her mum in a worse emotional state.

In the comments, someone who used to work in the industry confirmed that it was a tactic used by some agents.

“I started working in real estate in [the] early 2000s and my boss would trawl through the obituary section of the paper every day for leads. So gross,” they said.

Although the original poster said there were no obituaries covering her father’s death and that the original expression of interest was random, the flowers made her mum more distraught.

“I think she just got cold called due to high interest in the area and when she told them about my father they jumped on to the opportunity,” she wrote. “The whole thing feels super weird to me and, if anything, it made my mum feel worse today.”

Another real estate professional who used to work in the outer Melbourne suburb of Geelong said they trawled through the death notices every Monday morning and would assign “staff members to follow up”.

“This is truly saddening as they have not sent that to your mum out of sympathy,” they wrote.

“They have done that, thinking if and when the time comes to sell, she will think of them immediately for their ‘lovely’ gesture in sending flowers.

“Wrong on so many levels.”

A similar issue was also shared by another Melbourne-based Reddit user. While organising a garage sale after their mum’s death in March, the poster received an unsolicited message from a real estate agent via Facebook.

In the message, the agent asked if they could “just stick my head in” to “quickly check if you may be interested to know what the present market conditions are doing to the value of your property”.

Although the Reddit user said their “immediate reaction was to laugh,” they joked that it was “safer” they did it over Facebook than just turning up in person.

“It takes some chutzpah,” they joked.

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