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Woman complains she can’t have a nice holiday while on an $88k salary

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A woman has been slammed online after complaining that she can’t afford a holiday – despite having an $88,000 salary.

The UK woman wrote that she wanted to treat her husband go a holiday for his 50th birthday.

However, after he spent almost $A20,000 taking her to the Maldives for her 40th, she thinks the pressure is on to match his gift, The Sun reports.

She took to parenting forum Mumsnet to ask if she was being unreasonable to not want to equal her husband’s spending, because he earns three times as much as she does.

She wrote: “My husband is 50 in 2024 and has started talking about where we will go away.

“When I turned 40, he spent a huge amount taking me to the Maldives, I think around £11,000 ($A20,000). He expects the same in return.

“The thing is, I only earn £50,000 ($A88,000) a year, whereas he earns more than three times that amount.

“I have savings that could cover it, but that is rainy day money; you never know when you might need it, especially with how the world is at the moment.

“I suggested a nice place in St Lucia, high class with a la carte restaurants, premium brand alcohol etc.

“But he’s unhappy that it doesn’t include a private pool. I couldn’t even afford the swim-up room.

“I just feel like he isn’t sympathetic to my income and means. Am I being unreasonable?”

However, her post backfired and instead of people taking her side, they pointed to her and her husband’s combined earning and told her to stop complaining.

One wrote: “Nice stealth boast. £200,000 ($A350,000) per annum and great holidays. Enjoy.”

Another simply said: “Enjoy your privileged dilemma.”

A third added: “You are being unreasonable to post the details of your very comfortable life to an audience which includes many people worrying how to feed their families and heat their homes.”

However, there was some sympathy for the woman, albeit in short supply.

One person said: “I sympathise with your situation.

“It’s rude and annoying to have someone demand that you return the same financial amount for a gift when you earn far less.

“Doesn’t matter how much you/he earns. It’s just rude and he sounds bitter and entitled.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been republished with permission

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