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Wieambilla, Queensland shooting: Neighbour Alan Dare’s wife speaks on aftermath of police shooting

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The heartbroken widow of an innocent man killed in an ambush attack on police officers has spoken out about her agonising wait for answers as he lay dying.

Alan Dare was killed after a group of four police officers were ambushed by a group of three armed assailants while they carried out a missing persons call at a property in Wieambilla, three hours west of Brisbane, on Monday afternoon.

Mr Dare, who lived nearby the property, went over to investigate what was going on after spotting smoke, but never made it back home.

“I was on the phone to 000 and they told me there was an incident,” Kerry told A Current Affair.

“She told me to tell him not to go.”

“If I had a run down the driveway and tried to stop him, maybe…”

She claimed Mr Dare was left behind by police after he was shot.

“They just left him there,” she said.

Ms Dare told NCA NewsWire that she was kept in the dark by police on what was unfolding and that she was left to endure a horrific wait for information about what had happened to her husband.

“They’re not telling me anything and I don’t know if they will tell me anything,” she said.

“I know that he’s gone but I don’t know who killed him.”

“I screamed at people with guns and walked up to people with guns held to their cheek and big vests on and asked them what they were doing to get Al out, and they just looked at me blankly and kept walking,” she said on ACA.

“He chose to go help someone and you’re letting him die on the run.”

Ms Dare said officers used his car to retrieve one of the surviving officers

“They thought he was expendable because he was just a blockie, someone who was hiding away,” Ms Dare said.

“No one cared about him.”

The horrific attack began after four officers, attended the property as a part of an investigation sparked by a missing person report of Nathaniel Train.

The crews from Tara and Chinchilla Police Stations arrived at the remote property at about 4:40pm, with a source close to the investigation told NCA NewsWire what unfolded next was “very, very rapid”.

Constable Rachel McCrow, 29, and Constable Matthew Arnold, 26, arrived first, honking their horn to alert the residents of their presence, with Constable Randall Kirk and Constable Keely Brough following behind.

After there was no movement from the house, the four officers left their cars and jumped over a locked fence while approaching the property.

Seconds later, the officers were under heavy fire from a group of camouflaged assailants, now known to be brothers Nathaniel and Gareth Train, and the latter’s wife Stacey.

Constable McCrow and Constable Arnold were instantly hit, and fell to the ground, while Constable Kirk and Constable Brough were forced to run for their lives.

NCA Newswire understands Constable Kirk was also shot in the leg in the same hail of gunfire but managed to make it back to his police car as he hadn’t jumped the fence.

The offenders gave chase and fired into his car as he drove away, calling for help, causing him to become showered in shards of glass.

As the assailants tried to hunt down Constable Kirk, his colleague Constable Brough had managed to escape on foot into dense scrubland.

The young officer had only been on the police force for eight weeks, with Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers revealing a bushfire had been lit by the gunmen allegedly in an attempt to force the remaining two officers out of hiding before backup arrived.

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