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Widow begs Netflix CEO to axe Wild Croc Territory

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The furious wife of a presenter killed during the production of a popular Netflix series has demanded the streaming service cease showing the program until legal proceedings have been finalised.

Chris “Willow” Wilson died in a helicopter crash in the Northern Territory’s West Arnhem Land while collecting crocodile eggs as part of a Wild Croc Territory episode on February 28.

NT Police on Monday issued a warrant for the arrest of Outback Wrangler and Wild Croc Territory star Matt Wright in connection to the incident, and gave him until Wednesday 9am (local time) to hand himself in to the Darwin police station.

In an email on Tuesday to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and one of the program’s executive producers, Nick Fordham, Mr Wilson’s wife, Danielle Wilson, said she had expected the show to be pulled while police investigated matters surrounding her husband’s death.

Mrs Wilson, in her email, cited by The Australian, accused Netflix and the program’s executive producers of “seriously lacking in any empathy or respect” by keeping the show on the streaming service.

“While I have found the actions of Netflix and the executive producers to be seriously lacking in any empathy or respect in continuing to show the series following the tragic death of my husband, I have to date let the matter rest under the assumption that the series would cease being shown immediately if, or when, the Northern Territory Police indicated charges would be brought in relation to my husband’s death and the subsequent alleged related actions of individuals who appear in the series,” she wrote.

“I am extremely disappointed to read this week in the media that not only has this not occurred, but that Netflix are also refusing to comment on the future of the series at all.

“It pains me greatly that the series is still being shown despite the serious allegations that have been made against an individual involved in the series.”

Mrs Wilson subsequently requested that Netflix “immediately cease showing, promoting or advertising the series from its programming schedule until such a time that all Court proceedings in relation to the tragic death of my husband have been finalised”.

Mrs Wilson also argued she had been “largely kept in the dark” about the program launching on Netflix, and she understood her requests that Mr Wilson and their two sons, Ted and Austin, be acknowledged in the series had been ignored.

Mr Wright, 43, was charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice, destroying evidence and fabricating evidence relating to the fatal chopper crash. He was also charged with unlawfully entering a building, unlawfully entering a dwelling and making a false declaration.

A spokesperson for Mr Wright said the Netflix star “strenuously denies any wrongdoing”.

“What happened was a tragic accident that took the life of a close mate,” they said in a statement.

“His immediate concern following the accident was the condition of the two team members on-board at the time. The next priority was ensuring the other helicopters and team members at the site weren’t at risk and that the location was safe.

“Matt will not be making any further statement, but he will be vigorously defending the charges.”

Mr Wright arrived at Darwin Local Court to a waiting press pack this morning and was supported by his lawyer, David Newey.

Two other people who travelled to the crash site with Mr Wright after the incident have been charged with a string of offences and remain before the courts.

Former senior acting sergeant Neil Mellon was charged with 35 offences and will return to court on December 7.

His charges include attempting to pervert the course of justice, destroying evidence and making false declarations.

Pilot Michael Burbidge is facing four charges including attempting to pervert the course of justice, destroy evidence, making false declarations and fabricating evidence and will return to court on January 25.

It’s understood that Mr Wright had been living in Queensland in the wake of the crash.

Wild Croc Territory – originally broadcast on Channel 9 – has been planned for next year.

The NT government contributed $250,000 towards the production of the show, which it expected to attract 200 million viewers.

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