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Visitors evacuated from Billabong Sanctuary after crocodile escape

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Visitors at a wildlife sanctuary in North Queensland were left stunned after a massive saltwater crocodile bashed through it’s enclosure and wandered around the park.

The 3.8m crocodile, named Dynamo, was spotted outside it’s enclosure at Billabong Sanctuary near Townsville about 10.30am on Saturday morning.

General Manager Bob Flemming said the creature had managed to bash his way out of a gate designed for vehicle access.

He was located nearby in a billabong outside another crocodile enclosure.

“A thorough search of the park was conducted to ensure all customers were evacuated through the front entrance,” he said.

“Dynamo, at this stage, had made his way to the nearby edge of the billabong and was enticed out of the water with food, jaw roped, dragged out of the water and strapped to a board.”

Mr Flemming said no staff or guests of the sanctuary were injured in the escape and the park reopened after the enclosure was reinforced.

Dynamo had been removed from the wild near Saunders Beach, north of Townsville, in 2021 by the Department of Environment and Science.

Billabong Sanctuary is located in Nome, about a 20-minute drive from Townsville.

The sanctuary reopened to the public at 2.30pm.

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