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Viral TikTok video shows mum save boy from snake in Qld outback

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A Queensland mum has rushed to save her little boy from danger after spotting a snake lurking near their car.

The boy’s father, Christopher Crisp, posted the viral CCTV footage from September 21 on TikTok of his son Lucas playing in the front yard with his dog.

The video, which has now been watched 19.3 million times, shows Lucas’s mum walking into frame and heading to the front gate to go to the car when she jumps back in fright.

While holding her baby, the mum quickly closes the gate again and moves instantly to protect her young son after spotting the large snake waiting behind the car.

The snake was spotted lying in the shade outside the front gate and even went unnoticed by the large german shepherd dog playing in the yard.

“Lucky Mum saw it,” Mr Crisp wrote on the video.

“Can you see it?”

But many viewers on TikTok were unable to see the unsuspecting snake at first.

“It’s impossible to see,” one viewer wrote.

Another asked “if you can tell me what I’m supposed to be looking for”.

Mr Crisp posted several other videos, zooming in on the CCTV footage highlighting the snake, but plenty of others guessed correctly and pointed out that the snake was behind the car next to a white bucket.

“Oh, I thought it was a hose,” one viewer wrote.

“Wow, I didn’t see anything (until) this video, you have good mama-sense of danger,” another wrote.

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