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Victorian politics: Question that made Daniel Andrews lose it

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Daniel Andrews has taken aim at the former federal government’s lack of infrastructure investment in Victoria just days after he was re-elected as the state’s premier.

Mr Andrews made the comments while at the $1.5bn redevelopment of Footscray Hospital in Melbourne’s west on Tuesday morning.

A pillar of the re-elected Labor state government’s campaign was the $125bn Suburban Rail Loop that the opposition promised to scrap.

A similar sentiment towards Victoria’s laundry list of infrastructure projects in the works was harboured by Liberals in Canberra, according to Mr Andrews.

“I do see these federal Liberals who absolutely robbed Victoria, who ripped us off in epic terms for nine years and now they’re lecturing us about infrastructure. Just on Sunday they were cheering on the cancellation of the Suburban Rail Loop,” Mr Andrews said.

“If you rob Victoria for nine years, you don’t get to talk about infrastructure anymore, you just don’t.”

Mr Andrews said the state government had to fight for federal infrastructure funding throughout the Coalition’s time in power from 2013 to 2022.

“I remember these people, every dollar they gave us we had to bow our heads like we were getting foreign aid,” he said.

“They don’t understand where Victoria is. They don’t understand how Victoria operates and they don’t get to lecture us on infrastructure – because when they had the chance they didn’t do anything.

“Anyway, we’re getting it done. There’s not a dollar of federal money here (for Footscray Hospital). This is all a state investment to get the job done and that’s exactly what these workers are doing.”

Last month, shadow federal treasurer Angus Taylor said the SRL was a waste of money and undeserving of funding in the federal budget.

“The outer suburban Melbourne rail network, it was rejected by the Auditor-General in Victoria,” Mr Taylor told ABC’s Insiders.

“For every dollar you spend, you only get 51c back. Projects like that don’t make sense. It is not coincidental that this was announced before the Victorian election. They are absolutely not necessary.”

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese pledged $2.2bn for the project.

“We promised $2.2bn and we’ll deliver $2.2bn in our first budget,” Mr Albanese said.

“It will transform the way people get around this city.”

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