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Victorian election: Barnaby Joyce’s harsh words for Victorian Liberals

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Barnaby Joyce has had some choice words for the Victorian branch of the Coalition after the Liberal Party’s dismal performance at the state election.

The former Nationals leader made the comments on Monday morning after the Liberals picked up just 25 seats compared with Labor’s 52 on Saturday night.

“For the Liberal Party, I don’t think they went to the election with a clear understanding of their policy structure,” Mr Joyce told Sunrise.

“You don’t get the vote and a lot of the Liberal Party vote went to other alternate right-wing parties.”

Mr Joyce went on to say the dismal result could have ramifications for Liberal politicians and candidates in other states.

“This is something people have reflected about. It is a clear policy understanding of exactly where they are and who they are. I’m sure the Liberal Party will go through that right now,” he said.

“There is a lot of soul-searching. This happening right across the country. If you are a Liberal politician in NSW, you would be worried.

“I think, unfortunately for the Liberal Party in Victoria, we have seen right across the country, if you are nitpicking, if you are negative, if you are more interested in power than what your agenda is going forward and the positive plan, then people will not reward you at the ballot box.”

However, Anthony Albanese said it was “premature” to write off the Liberals in Victoria.

But the Prime Minister said the Coalition would struggle to lift itself from opposition if it continued to chase the far-right fringe.

“One of the things that we’re seeing, I believe, is an alienation from younger voters from the Coalition,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne, referring to climate change and the First Nation’s voice.

“The Liberal Party have failed to come to terms with modern Australia and they continue to cuddle up to some far-right elements in the political system,” he added.

“You can’t run a major political party by listening to what fringe elements are saying. You need to be in the mainstream. That’s where the Labor Party is positioned.”

Victorian leader Matthew Guy stepped down as party leader on Sunday morning after the party nabbed just 29.7 per cent of votes – its lowest result since the 1952 state election.

The Liberals could win up to win 28 seats, including three picked up by the Nationals.

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