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US meteorologist stuns with lewd joke in St Patrick’s Day broadcast

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This was one naughty St Patrick’s Day forecast.

A meteorologist in Philadelphia delivered more than the weather prediction on Friday morning as she cracked a raunchy on-air joke that sent her colleagues into a fit of laughter, the New York Post reports.

ABC-6 Philadelphia meteorologist Karen Rogers — with a clicker in each hand — let slip the X-rated comment while wrapping up her seven-day forecast.

Rogers held up the remotes in a gesture implying she was holding two pints before making the raunchy joke.

“And to another woman who likes to be double-fisted — in a different way, I think,” Rogers giggled as she handed the spotlight back over to anchor Jessica Boyington.

“She means beer! She means beer!”

Boyington quickly interjected.

The rest of the newsroom could be heard erupting in laughter behind the cameras as Boyington tried to steer the program back on track.

“Guys, she means beer! Don’t put me on YouTube! My God,” Boyington exclaims.

The laughter only continued to grow stronger until Boyington ended up chuckling herself.

“I just … Yeah. We’re going to take a pause,” the newscaster said before jumping into her traffic report.

This article originally appeared on the New York Post and was reproduced with permission

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