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US expat loses it over the word ‘baubles’ in NZ Kmart

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An American woman shopping at a Kmart in New Zealand has been left stumped by a common Christmas term.

Madi Gemmell took to TikTok to ask her followers about the term “bauble” after she stumbled on it while she was at Kmart, saying she was “confused” at what she was seeing and asked someone to explain it to her.

“I don’t think I have ever heard this word before – that should say ornaments,” she said.

“What is that word? Do you guys say this or do you say ornaments for tree decorations?”

Australians and New Zealanders use a variety of words to describe their Christmas decorations, with the word “bauble” specifically referring to spherical ornaments that are hung on a Christmas tree.

The comments caused quite the stir online, with many attempting to teach the woman the difference between an ornament and a bauble.

Others took umbrage at the woman’s declaration that people should call it an ornament.

“Wow. It’s like you’re in another country,” one person said sarcastically.

Another added: “I though the word you were confused by was going to be [the brand name] Anko.”

One person helpfully said: “Ornaments are generic while baubles are specific.”

One said: “OMG gave me my morning laugh.”

“Baubles are the circular ornaments. Also try not to say, ‘this should say this’ when you’re now in another country,” another person said.

Someone else commented: “So there is this weird thing where if you go to another country sometimes they have different words for things. Hope this helps.”

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