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Urgent recall for Hyundai ix35 vehicles due to risk of catching fire

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Manufacturers have issued an urgent recall notice for a popular Hyundai model after it was found to have a manufacturing defect that could cause a car fire.

All variants of the Hyundai ix35 2014 and 2015 models have been impacted by the fault, the car maker said.

The Department of Transport estimates 19,541 vehicles will have to be returned across Australia.

In the recent recall notice, the department warned the circuit board in the vehicles’ anti-lock braking system (ABS) module could short circuit if the components were exposed to moisture.

The short circuit could possibly trigger a vehicle fire even if the car was turned off.

The department noted the fault would not affect the functioning of the brake system.

“A vehicle fire may increase the risk of serious injury or death to vehicle occupants, other road users and bystanders, and/or damage to property,” the Department of Transport cautioned in the recall notice.

“Affected vehicles should be parked in an open space and away from flammable materials and structures, i.e. not in a garage.”

“If your vehicle displays an engine warning light, please stop driving and contact your local Hyundai dealer.”

Hyundai will contact the owners of affected vehicles to set up an appointment to have the ABS repaired, the notice said.

It is unknown whether any incident was responsible for the discovery of the defect and recall notice.

Hyundai Motor Company Australia was contacted for comment.

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