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TikTok For You Fest: Matt Preston caught in C-bomb hot mic moment

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Former MasterChef host Matt Preston has been caught in a hot mic moment.

The food media personality was hosting a segment during TikTok’s For You Fest on Thursday night when he had the unscripted moment.

In a video posted to TikTok by “alright.hey”, Preston can be heard on a snippet of audio dropping the C-bomb, referring to the gig.

TikTok creator “alright.hey” said in the video, “I don’t know why more people aren’t talking about this but last night was For You Fest and Matt Preston hosted a cooking segment. The whole time he seemed to be over it.

“And then when he went offstage, I don’t think he realised his microphone was still on and he said this, “What a c**t of a job”.

“Probably the most iconic thing to happen all night.”

Preston saw the funny side of the incident, posting beneath the video from his verified TikTok account, “Oopsie daisy! Well, I had a very fun night.”

Most of the comments beneath the video seemed to be on Preston’s side, with some commenting that it made him more relatable or that it endeared him to them more.

Australians love a hot mic moment when the shiny veneer of celebrities’ constructed public personas slip.

And given the relatively innocuous comment, Australians’ lax attitudes to swearing – including the C-bomb – and the fact Preston wasn’t disparaging of any individual, it’s likely the hot mic moment will not do any damage to his brand.

The TikTok For You Fest was hosted by Tony Armstrong at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney and live-streamed on the social media platform.

Among the winners were Katrina Ashleigh for Video of the Year, Jazz Thornton for TikTok for Good, and Kat Clark for TikTok Creator of the Year.

Preston’s management has been approached for comment.

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