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Tiktok cleaner discovers rare Australian coin in Sydney hoarding home

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A young Sydney businesswoman and cleaning influencer has made a stunning discovery while cleaning a home in Sydney.

Cleaner and viral TikToker Charlotte Bosanquet, 20, was pulling up the carpet of a hoarding house when she came across a coin from 1930 – and it’s said to be one of the rarest Australian coins and most sought-after copper pennies in the world.

According to Ms Bosanquet’s research, she believes it could be worth up to $40,000, depending on the condition.

Despite the incredible find, Ms Bosanquet stressed cleaning out a hoarder’s home is not a case of finders keepers.

“We definitely did not keep the coin. It’s not a case of, like, finders keepers. It’s their property,” she said.

“She was very happy when we did a little bit of research about it.”

At the start of the Great Depression, only 1500 of the Australian one penny coins were put into circulation in 1930, making them one of the most valuable coins in the country’s history.

A similar 1930 penny, according to Yahoo News article, was sold at an auction last year for $59,415.

In 2019, another 1930 penny that was exceptionally rare sold for $1.15 million.

As well as the potentially pricey coin, the clean also uncovered old newspapers under the carpet – one showing a sports write-up about late Australian cricketing legend, Richie Benaud, during his playing days.

Ms Bosanquet has turned a dreaded chore of many into social media sensation on TikTok.

Her videos have amassed millions of views and over 70,000 followers.

She has also published an e-book titled, How To Start A Successful Cleaning Business.

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