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Tiffiny Hall reveals mum tum workout mistake women make postpartum

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An Australian fitness personality has revealed the mistake many new mums – including herself – made when trying to get back to slim down following giving birth.

Tiff Hall, who is married to comedian Ed Kavalee, welcomed the couple’s second child, Vada, earlier this year after already having son four-year-old son Arnold.

Tiff took to video app TikTok to reveal the key mistake she made, after going to the physio after expressing concerns she wasn’t making progress on her “mum tum”.

She said it was taking time – as it should – but the physio revealed she was focusing on the wrong place.

“It blew my mind because I am working hard – but on the wrong things,” she said.

“It didn’t occur to me.”

She said her concern was that her stomach is currently sitting low, and she’s been working her top abdominals but failed to work her lower abdominals.

“What’s happened is my upper abdominals have taken over and my lower abdominals aren’t switched on at all,” she said, adding her top half were pushing down onto the lower half.

She said mum tums are hard to deal with and she’s dreading summer.

“But I shouldn’t be getting impatient – I even asked the physio about a tummy tuck! Not that I would ever do this because I have to put in the hard work,” she said.

“But she said it wouldn’t even work as tummy tucks focus on ab separation but in a mum tum the ab separation isn’t the issue – it’s lower that’s the issue.”

She said her mind was blown, because she’d only ever been told to work on her upper abdominals after pregnancy.

She added simple exercises such as leg lifts will remedy it.

“It’s not going to be easy and it’s going to take ages, but I’m nervous [about filming the videos] because I don’t have the strength yet,” she said.

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