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TAB posts ‘racist’ World Cup social mediapost about Soutrh Korea

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Popular bookie TAB has acknowledged a recent social media post was “inappropriate” and did not meet its standards after some claimed its message was “casual racism”.

The agency posted a picture of the South Korean World Cup lineup in an online post that has since been deleted.

It was captioned: “Kim passes to Kim who passes to Kim who passes to Hwang who passes to Hwang who passes to Hwang.”

“Feel for the commentator doing the South Korea game …” it also read.

Mark Di Stefano, a Journalist from the Australian Financial Review, called out the post on Twitter.

“Australia, undefeated at casual racism,” he wrote.

“Weird that Tab’s banter social media lads didn’t have a crack at all the Martinez’s in the Argentinian side. Wonder why,” he continued.

Di Stefano’s post sparked debate among some online who argued whether or not the post was actually a case of “casual racism”.

Some thought the agency’s post was a fair observation and harmless humour.

“I am Korean born, this is not casual racism. I’m offended there were no Lee’s though.” one said.

“I don’t know if this is really racist, just seems like some obvious observational humour,” another responded.

“I don’t get your point. There are numerous players with the same name. It’s referencing the reality,” another argued.

Others agreed with Di Stefano’s stance.

“(It’s) been happening for decades,” one person agreed.

“Another reason for gambling advertising to be banned,” wrote another.

“It’s a disgusting and insidious subculture that permeates so many facets of life in Australia,” another lamented.

While the jury is out on whether the post constituted racism, the bookie made the call to remove it from its platforms, with a TAB spokesman saying it was “inappropriate” and “failed to meet our standards”.

“The post was generated by junior staff, and TAB has created additional checks and balances before future posts go live,” he explained.

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