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Swan River shark, Stella Barry: Fisherman catches massive bull shark

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A fisherman has made an incredible catch after he pulled a 3m shark out of the Swan River just days after a teenage girl was horrifically killed.

Fifteen minutes after Kai Boyle cast his fishing line in the Swan River overnight, a three-metre shark started tugging on the line.

The young fisherman said he never expected to land something so big, as he was using mullet for bait that is normally used to catch crabs.

“It didn’t come from the ocean it was in the river swimming past,” he wrote on Facebook.

“They may potentially be dangerous to others and people can’t get there head around how big they get in the Swan River right here in Perth.”

Mr Boyle explained how female bull sharks swim into the river at this time of year to have their pups and can often give birth to up to 13 at a time.

The baby sharks can range from 60-70cm at birth.

“Be safe out there this summer,” Mr Boyle said.

The shark was released back into the river.

The catch comes days after 16-year-old high school student Stella Berry was fatally attacked in the river.

The horrific death was the first fatal attack in the Swan River in 100 years.

Stella, a student at Shenton College and the daughter of two high school teachers, was playing with friends in the river in North Fremantle, near the Fremantle Traffic Bridge, on Saturday afternoon when she was attacked.

Emergency services were called about 3pm; however, Stella died at the scene.

It is understood Stella and her friends has been swinging into the water on a rope when the shark appeared.

Horror screams were heard from the water before anyone noticed the shark.

Witnesses said a heroic bystander jumped into the water to save Stella and bring her back to shore.

Fremantle District Acting Inspector Paul Robinson said on Saturday the victim’s friends were with her when the “extremely traumatic” attack occurred.

“Unfortunately we have no idea what shark it is,” Inspector Robinson said.

“From what I’ve been advised, her family weren’t there when the attack took place but her friends were.” he said.

“As you can imagine, this is an extremely traumatic incident for anyone to witness.

“It’s unusual for a shark to be that far down river … at this point in time an alert has been put out, a shark warning just to let people know the event has taken place.”

The species of the shark is yet to be confirmed.

Shark attacks are incredibly rare in the Swan River, which is connected to the Indian Ocean through Fremantle Harbour.

The only other recorded fatal shark attack in the Swan River occurred a century ago when a young schoolboy was attacked while swimming in neighbouring Peppermint Grove on January 27, 1923.

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