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St Kilda, Melbourne: 55sq m garage for sale as a home for $100k

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A $100,000 garage in a highly sought after Melbourne suburb is being advertised to hopeful first-home buyers as a potential studio apartment, even attracting international interest.

The 55sq metre garage on Grey St, St Kilda has sparked the curiosity of many prospective buyers whose visions range from storage spaces to humble abodes.

Listing agent Andrew Turner from Jellis Craig said he had at least 50 people inspect the property on Wednesday alone.

“The majority were definitely first-home buyers without a doubt, wanting to convert it into a studio apartment or beachside pad,” Mr Turner said.

“I had a couple of car enthusiasts wanting to build classic cars there, a couple wanting to have it purely for storage, and some people in the development space that could be interested because it’s the only garage to nine art deco apartments.”

The industrial decor hasn’t seemed to put anyone off either, with Mr Turner receiving interest from potential buyers across the globe.

“We’ve had so much interest, I’ve got somebody from Alice Springs coming to have a look at it, Queensland as well,” he said.

“I’ve even had an inquiry from Poland.”

Mr Turner said that with the average Melbourne studio apartment ranging from 45 to 50sq m, this was a rare “needle in a haystack” listing.

“It absolutely has enough space … these opportunities don’t arise very often and they’re hard to find when you’re talking about properties for $100,000,” he said.

“It could be an opportunity to get into the market, it’s a blank space, and particularly location-wise being in a vibrant suburb like St Kilda.

“In the hands of the right architect or planner … there is a possibility of really transforming this into a home.”

The Grey St garage will go to auction on February 25.

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