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“Sick” crime with family dogs caught on CCTV

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A Perth woman has made a desperate plea to find her two pet spaniels who were allegedly stolen from the front yard of her home.

Melissa Hanson shared CCTV footage of the shocking moment two men wearing balaclavas and surgical gloves approached her Harrisdale home just after 8:20am on Wednesday.

One of the men, wearing a black hoodie, climbed over Ms Hanson’s fence to pass the dogs over to his accomplice on the other side.

Ms Hanson said the men then left with the spaniels, named Charlie and Harry, toward Harrisdale Primary School, and begged residents with camera to check their footage, and anyone with information to come forward.

“We are heartbroken,” Ms Hanson wrote on Facebook. “We have reported to the police, but if anyone knows anything please contact me.”

She said the dogs are well-known and “loved by all the kids in the area”.

People have reacted with shock and disgust at the “low lives” caught on camera performing “sick” crime.

“This is wrong on so many levels. Hope they are returned soon!” one commented.

“I can’t believe humans can be so despicable,” another said.

“This is beyond disgusting I hope they get caught named and shamed!”

The post has reportedly been shared across a number of Perth community, dog breeder, and cavalier owner Facebook groups.

On Wednesday, Ms Hanson told Perth’s Radio 6PR she had “no idea” why someone would steal the dogs, but she hopes someone will see the pictures of the dogs and the men and the pets can come home.

“I just want them back. I want someone to either return them in my backyard or drop them at the local vets, I don’t care,” she said, WA Today reports.

“I don’t want to know the reasons behind it. I just think it’s a very cruel thing to do.”

She said her daughter was “devastated” when six year old Harry was not there to meet her at home after school, and described charlie as her “whole world”.

“I’ve had her (Charlie) nine years, she knows my every move, when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m having a good day, hen I’m having a bad day, she doesn’t leave my side,” Ms Hanson told the station.

Unlike NSW, South Australia, and the Northern Territory, there is no law against ‘dognapping’ in Western Australia.

In South Australian, the maximum a sentence for a person found guilty of stealing a pet is $50,000 or two years in jail. In NSW, the fines are $550 or six months in jail and in the Northern Territory a guilty charge could cost $200, plus the value of the dog.

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