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Scottish woman reveals she’s constantly asked out at the gym

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A Scottish woman has told how she’s so attractive that she can’t even go to the gym for a workout without someone trying to pick her up.

Skyler McKay, 33, is used to being the centre of attention most places she goes.

But she didn’t expect strangers would hit on her after exercising in her local gym in London where she now lives, The Sun reported.

“I even get hit on by the women in the female changing rooms at my gym,” the X-rated model, originally from Livingston, Scotland, said.

“It’s normally when I’m naked at the end of my workout, post steam room in the female changing area.

“If I was in my workout gear then that would be okay.

“I feel a bit vulnerable when I’m naked and applying lotion though.

“I take it as a compliment, I wouldn’t have the confidence to approach someone.

“But these rich housewives know what they want I guess.”

Skyler hasn’t gone on a date after meeting someone at the gym but she won’t rule it out.

She adds: “If they’re hot I’ll swap numbers, or meet them in the juice bar after for a smoothie and see what they are like

“It’s a pretty exclusive gym so the members are easy on the eye.

“If someone wasn’t to my taste I’d still be polite, I admire their confidence and can’t blame them for shooting their shot.”

This story originally appeared in The Sun and reproduced with permission

Story Credit: news.com.au

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