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Savings: Mother shares insane $250 grocery haul

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A Sydney mother with a family of nine has raised eyebrows after sharing her impressive grocery haul.

The thrifty mum-of-seven spent under $250 on the grocery shop from Woolworths and Aldi.

She said it will provide a total of 12 dinners and “a bunch” of snacks for school over the next fortnight.

However, she’s definitely feeling the pinch from the soaring cost of living, saying a year ago the same shop would have cost significantly less.

“So we are a family of nine, two adults, two teenage girls (19 and 13) four boys (11, nine, six and four) and a nearly four month old who will be starting on puree food next week,” she said.

“Only a year ago this would have been around $175. This will make 12 dinners and a bunch of school snacks.

“Normally I also buy around three to four packs of winter vegetables from Aldi, but they have sold out. I also normally go to Hunter and Gather to buy all our fresh fruit and vegetables. We buy milk when needed.

“We buy bulk items like toilet rolls and laundry powder at Costco twice a year, which a 60pk of toilet paper would last around five months and the laundry powder around seven months.”

The woman aims to keep their “bellies fuller for longer” with the meals, saying that money is tight as she is currently on maternity leave.

“We try to keep to foods that are healthy and will keep our bellies fuller for longer. If I can hide veggies in it, it’s a bonus.”

She plans to use the ingredients to make meals to last two weeks such as devilled sausages, flaxseed chicken wraps, supergreen spaghetti and Irish stew.

School lunches include cheese, ham and a wrap with hummous. Snacks vary from oat brownies to apple sauce muffins and lemon and almond meal cake. Along with fruit.

“The school snacks are a deal breaker . oats are so cheap and you can make so much with them and they are a real hunger tamer. I’ve always been a huge fan of baking because of my mum, so I make all my kids snacks.”

Commenters praised her price-cutting tricks, with one even calling her the “budget queen”.

While a second wrote: “Wow, wow, wow, I spend well over that a week for a family of four”.

And another said: “I’m taking note! We have two adults, two children under five and a dog and I spend $220 a week. I’m so impressed!”

“That’s a well planned shop” a fourth commented. “Good on you for making it work at that price for that many people. Sadly in my house we are 2x dairy allergy and 2x lactose intolerant so I can only dream of that budget.”

Meal plan example:

Week one

Monday: Supergreen spaghetti

Tuesday: Fish fingers – kids, Basa – adults

Wednesday: Roasted drumsticks with veg

Thursday: Vegful spaghetti with pork

Friday: Homemade pizza night

Saturday: Hidden vegetable sausage rolls

Sunday: Devilled sausages

Week two

Monday: Supergreen spaghetti with pork

Tuesday: Flaxseed chicken wraps

Wednesday: Crispy drumsticks with veg

Thursday: Vegful spaghetti

Friday: Homemade pizza night

Saturday: Devilled sausages

Sunday: Irish stew crockpot

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