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Royal news: South Park brutally rips Meghan and Harry

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If Meghan and Harry thought they’d escaped the wrath of South Park, they were sorely mistaken.

The show, now in its 26th season, has built a global reputation for ridiculing celebrities and their quirks. It would be harder to name a public figure that hasn’t been mocked in a silly voice since its debut in 1997.

The show’s latest episode — titled The Worldwide Privacy Tour — took dozens of merciless swipes at the royal outcasts, attracting widespread media attention for yet another topical celebrity beat-down.

The episode depicts a young royal couple, the Prince and Princess of Canada, who simultaneously request privacy and draw attention to themselves.

The royal couple are not named in the episode, but Harry’s striking red hair and Meghan’s fashionably tilted hat leave little to the imagination.

The show, however, carefully stresses that all characters in their show are fictional.

The episode takes multiple jabs at the Sussexes, including their private jet, loud “privacy party,” and a prince who plays polo on the lawn.

The episode starts with the news that the “Queen of Canada” is dead, with the Prince and Princess of Canada appearing at her funeral.

The pair are then booed by fellow royals for their attitudes towards the Canadian monarchy. One of the other royals even rips a fart on the Princess of Canada’s face.

One scene shows the couple hopping aboard their ritzy private jet to begin a global “We Want Privacy” tour, visiting everywhere from India and France to Australia while chanting about their request to be left alone.

The pair eventually move to the quiet mountain town of South Park, where they believe they can live a normal life, but their arrival immediately sparks anger among the locals.

In one scene later in the piece, the couple appears on “Good Morning Canada”, where the prince is shown holding up a sign saying, “We want privacy,” while the princess‘s read “Stop looking at us”.

When the host asks the prince whether he hates journalists, he replies in the affirmative. However, when the host points out that the prince is a journalist himself because of his new book, “Waaagh,” the couple storms off the show in an affronted manner.

The Prince’s book has a cover that looks a lot like Harry’s memoir, Spare.

In a short teaser released before the episode’s airing this week, long-time South Park favourite Kyle can be heard saying: “It‘s seriously driving me crazy”.

“I‘m sick of hearing about them. But I can’t get away from them, they’re everywhere. In my f***ing face,” he says.

Touche, Kyle.

Story Credit: news.com.au

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