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Roxy Jacenko’s $40K “Mastermind” program slammed

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Former publicist Roxy Jacenko has announced she is running a $40K “Mastermind” for 16 people.

The 43-year-old announced the program this week, where she would be a coach and mentor to 16 entrepreneurs prepared to grow.

“People like you who want less bulls**t and more action,” the advertisement for the course by Roxy, who stepped down as director of her PR company Sweaty Betty last year, read.

“Less negativity from the naysayers and more ‘Yes! Let’s do it’ style support and positivity.”

Roxy also said it was feature “unprecedented” access to herself, with two love hot seat sessions per month expert feedback on copy and email support direct from her.

The Mastermind, which runs for eight months, costs $40K if paid in full or lucky participants can pay eight monthly instalments of $5333.

Social media users were stunned at the price tag.

“I barely spent 40k on my uni degree,” one person said on a post about the program shared on Influencer Updates AU.

Another said: “40K for a couple of emails and me wasting a night of my life I’ll never get back listening to her talk about herself? Sign me up!”

One added: “I feel like if you can afford this you don’t need it …?”

“Anyone going to mention the fact she’s giving expert advice but can’t spell ‘attend’,” one person commented.

One person said: “That’s more than my HECS debt but okkkk.”

However, some defended Roxy.

“Take advice from people who you admire and respect and I would 100% take business advice from someone as savvy and successful as Roxy,” one said.

Another said: “This isn’t directed to ‘everyone’ it’s for people in business who want to take their business/product to the next level.

“I’d say it’s a small investment for a large reward. Have people not seen the success of the brands under her PR company? I would definitely do it if I had a product to launch etc.”

One said: “You can’t do the same thing and expect different results. This program is going to be lit.”

Roxy told there was a huge difference between an online business course, and that of mentoring and coaching.

“Being part of a Mastermind like this is all about personalisation and accountability. How many people invest in online courses but never finished them? Or who’ve never taken action on what they’ve learnt? The reality is, the accountability piece in business is key,” she said. “Having someone there to hold you to your word and help you see through your excuses is what a lot of business owners need.”

She said a mentor can open your eyes to new possibilities and ways of doing things.

“You can learn all the theory you want, but taking action and building the right mindset is essential if you really want to grow your business,” she said.

Roxy added that the program is designed for business owners ready to take things to the next level with a desire to grow.

She said that she has seen that entrepreneurs want to surround themselves with like-minded people who understand the daily struggles associated with growth,

“Not only are the participants in my Mastermind getting unprecedented access to me as their coach, but they’re also going to be building an incredible network of driven, high-performing and like-minded business owners,” she said.

“Ask anyone in business and they’ll agree, who you surround yourself with and the shared mindset of the people you spend time with is absolutely vital.”

She said investing in a program such as hers is making a commitment to yourself.

“After years of working with business owners, I could see a gap for personalised, tailored business mentoring – not just from a practical standpoint, but also from a mindset and attitude perspective,” she said.

“Yes, it’s an investment – but this is for people who are ready to take that next step to grow. “The Mastermind has been designed to give participants a complete experience that covers everything from scaling and international expansion, marketing, mindset and beyond, with one-on-one support, guidance and feedback as well as my no-nonsense approach to business.”

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